The core of the game revolves around a grid of 64 cells filled with jewels of various shapes and colors. When the game begins, each of the 64 cells holds a random jewel type. The goal of the game is to score points by matching jewels of the same kind in sets of three or more. The player can swap two adjacent jewels by selecting first one and then the other.

A swap is legal only if it produces a match of three or more jewels of the same color; any illegal swaps are reversed automatically. When the player performs a valid swap, all jewels included in the matching set are removed. If any jewels are above the resulting gaps, these jewels fall down, and new, randomly picked jewels enter the game area from the top. The simplest match is a match with three identical jewels, but it’s also possible to create chains of four or five matching jewels. The more jewels the player matches in a single row or column, the more points he or she receives.

Triggering chain reactions reward the player with additional points. After a valid swap, the falling jewels can produce even more groups of matching jewels, which are then subject to a bonus multiplier. By carefully examining the board, the player can even trigger these chain reactions intentionally to score extra points. 

During a game session, the player can also face a situation where no valid moves are left. If no swaps can produce a set of at least three identical jewels, the game board must be reshuffled. The board is cleared of jewels, and new ones are brought in using the same randomized fill routing that was used when the board was initially set up.

Product Features

  • Automatic matching of jewels
  • Allow a player to swap two adjacent jewels
  • Illegal swaps are reversed automatically
  • Randomly picked jewels enter the game area from the top

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Jewel Warrior Game

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