• Backbone.js Cookbook

Over 80 recipes for creating outstanding web applications with Backbone.js, leveraging MVC, and REST architecture principles.

For JavaScript developers the Backbone.js framework is full of potential. This book, with its accessible recipes, allows you to get to grips with building modern frontend web applications, quickly and easily.

You will learn how to create outstanding web applications using lightweight JavaScript framework known as Backbone.js  and utilizing the superior rendering power of modern browsers. Backbone.js Cookbook  contains a series of recipes that provide practical, step-by-step solutions to the problems that may occur during the frontend application development, using an MVC pattern and a REST-style communication. You will learn how to build Backbone applications by utilizing the power of popular Backbone extensions and how to integrate your app with different third-party libraries. You will also learn how to fulfill the requirements of the most challenging tasks.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Understanding Backbone, introduces you to an MVC pattern and Backbone.js framework. You will learn how to design Backbone applications in terms of MVC and will be able to create your first Backbone app using models, views, and routers.

Chapter 2, Models, helps you learn about Backbone.Model, the main building block of your application, which stores data and provides business logic. 

Chapter 3, Collections, teaches you how to organize models in manageable sets known as collections, which allow you to perform different methods, such as sorting, filtering, iterating,and so on.

Chapter 4, Views, helps you learn how to use Backbone views to render models and collections, and how to intercept DOM events.

Chapter 5, Events and Bindings, tells you about event system used in Backbone.js and demonstrates event binding techniques.

Chapter 6,  Templates and UX sugar, is devoted to the frontend enhancements that makes Backbone application look better and program easily.

Chapter 7,  REST and Storage, is focused on how Backbone.js synchronizes models and collections with a RESTful backend or stores them in the HTML5 local storage.

Chapter 8,  Special Techniques, helps you learn how to solve the most challenging problems that can occur during Backbone development, such as creating extensions, testing your app,creating a mobile app, and performing search-engine compatibility.

Author: Vadim Mirgorod

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Backbone.js Cookbook

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