• AngularJS by Example

Learn AngularJS by creating your own apps, using practical examples which you can use and adapt.

AngularJS makes web JavaScript web development less painful and more organized – it’s unsurprising that today it’s one of the most popular tools in web development.

AngularJS by Example helps you get started with this essential web development framework quickly and easily, guiding you through AngularJS by showing you how to create your own real-world applications. By adopting this approach, you can bridge the gap between learning and doing immediately, as you follow the examples to learn the impressive features of Angular and experience a radically simple–and powerful–approach to web development.

You’ll begin by creating a simple Guess the Number game, which will help you get to grips with the core components of Angular, including its MVC architecture, and learn how each part interacts with one another. This will give you a solid foundation of knowledge from which you can begin to build more complex applications, such as a 7 minute workout app and an extended personal trainer app. By creating these applications yourself, you will find out how AngularJS manages client-server interactions and how to effectively utilize directives to develop applications further. You’ll also find information on testing your app with tools such as Jasmine, as well as tips and tricks for some of the most common challenges of developing with AngularJS.

AngularJS by Example is a unique web development book that will help you get to grips with AngularJS and explore a powerful solution for developing single page applications.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Getting Started, introduces you to the AngularJS framework. We create a super simple app in AngularJS that highlights some core features of the framework.

Chapter 2, Building Our First App – 7 Minute Workout, will teach us how to build our first real AngularJS app. In the process, we learn more about th e framework's MVC constructs and are introduced to scopes and binding capabilities of the framework.

We learn about code organization using modules and dependency injection, look at view routing in action, and learn how to use filters.

Chapter 3, More AngularJS Goodness for 7 Minute Workout, focuses on adding the bells and whistles to the 7 Minute Workout app and in the process touches upon into some new Angular capabilities. This chapter covers Angular services, digest cycles, animation support, filters and few other concepts.

Chapter 4, Building Personal Trainer, introduces a new exercise where we morph 7 Minute Workout into a generic Personal Trainer app. The new app has the capability to create new workout plans other than the original 7 Minute Workout app. In this chapter, we exclusively focus on AngularJS form capabilities.

Chapter 5, Adding Data Persistence to Personal Trainer, covers retrieving and saving data to the server. We augment our Personal Trainer with data load and data persistence capabilities. Server interaction and data persistence have been ignored in all the previous chapters.

Chapter 6, Working with Directives, explains directives by building some of our own custom directives for the Personal Trainer app. Directives are the most powerful and most misunderstood feature of AngularJS.

Chapter 7, Testing the AngularJS App, highlights how to use the AngularJS testing constructs within Personal Trainer as AngularJS was built with testability in mind.

Chapter 8, Handling Common Scenarios, provides some practical tips and guidance around scenarios that we might encounter while developing apps on this framework.

We will cover scenarios such as structuring the app for complex views, inter controller/directive communication, common framework pitfalls, authentication and authorization, code organization for large size apps, and other similar scenarios.

Author: Chandermani

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AngularJS by Example

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