• Responsive Web Design with AngularJS

Leverage the core functionalities of AngularJS, to build responsive single page applications.

Welcome to Responsive Web Design with AngularJS. If you want to learn and understand responsive web application development using AngularJS, then this book is for you.

It covers a systematic approach to build a responsive web application. All the key features of AngularJS that can help in building a responsive application are explained with the detailed code. This book also explains how to debug and test an AngularJS-based web application during development.

What this book covers

Chapter 1: Introduction to Responsive Single Page Application and AngularJS, introduces you to responsive design, single page application, and the AngularJS library. This chapter also gives a kick start of the single page responsive application that we are going to build to demonstrate the AngularJS role in application development.

Chapter 2: The AngularJS Dynamic Routing-based Approach, explores the power of AngularJS-based routing of templates. It also explores the use of AngularJS routing

for responsive web application development.

Chapter 3: The AngularJS Directive-based Approach, introduces the custom directive development in Angular JS. It also demonstrates the building of custom directives

to address responsive web application development.

Chapter 4: The AngularJS-based Breakpoints for Layout Manipulation, introduces the CSS3 breakpoint concept for responsive layout development. It also provides coded examples in AngularJS to present the breakpoint concept in the context of web design.

Chapter 5: Debugging and Testing Responsive Applications, provides a list of debugging tools for AngularJS-based applications.

Author: Sandeep Kumar Patel

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Responsive Web Design with AngularJS

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