• Express Web Application Development

Learn how to develop web applications with the Express framework from scratch.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to making the most of Express’s flexibility in building web applications. With lots of screenshots and examples, it’s the perfect step-by-step manual for those with an intermediate knowledge of JavaScript.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, What is Express?, is a beginner-friendly but technically solid introduction to Express and relevant topics for a strong base right at the start.

Chapter 2, Your First Express App, is a practical introduction to building an Express app covering the basics that form the basis of every Express app.

Chapter 3, Understanding Express Routes, explains routes in Express in great detail.

Chapter 4, Response From the Server, covers the various ways an Express app can respond to a request.

Chapter 5, The Jade Templating Language, covers the Jade syntax and its programming capabilities.

Chapter 6, The Stylus CSS Preprocessor, covers the Stylus syntax and its programming capabilities.

Chapter 7, Forms, Cookies, and Sessions, covers how to handle forms, and create cookies and sessions.

Chapter 8, Express in Production, covers important areas to make Express apps production-ready.

Author: Hage Yaapa

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Express Web Application Development

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