• Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

MeteorJS makes full-stack JavaScript application development simple. Learn how to build better modern web apps with MeteorJS, and become an expert in the innovative JavaScript framework.

Mastering MeteorJS Application Development shows you how to do even more with MeteorJS – if you’re ready to try a comprehensive course through one of the most exciting frameworks in web development today, this is the book you need. Designed to take you through the entire process of building an advanced multipage application with Meteor, you’ll be able to bring your web development ideas with surprising ease.

You’ll not only learn how Meteor makes web development easier, but also how you can make using Meteor easier, by automating and simplifying tasks so you can be confident you have full control of everything in your workflow – especially everything that could go wrong. From automated testing to integrating other useful frameworks such as Angular and D3, each chapter covers a crucial element in the Meteor development process.

Discover how to integrate animations using Meteor’s Blaze, to give your UI designs the edge, and explore reactive programming to effectively harness RESTful systems in your projects. You will also learn how to deploy and scale your application, two crucial aspects of modern development and vital in a changing digital environment with users expecting a product and experience that delivers. With further insights on developing for mobile – and how Meteor can help you tackle the challenges of the trend – and details on incorporating SEO strategies into your application, this book isn’t just a code tutorial – it’s about creating a product that users love.

What this book covers 

Chapter 1, Building a MeteorJS Web Application, provides an introduction to developing a Web application using MeteorJS. Readers will develop a multipage, multilayout application in this chapter, which gives enough insight about MeteorJS components and routes. 

Chapter 2, Developing and Testing an Advanced Application, helps you rebuild the same application as in the previous chapter, but using a generator and other advanced packages to ensure the app is of good quality. Every possible way of debugging the entire application and testing the code is discussed in this chapter. 

Chapter 3, Developing Reusable Packages, shows that packages are very important blocks for any MeteorJS app. This chapter shows the reader, with a typical example, how to develop and test custom packages and also provides the steps to distribute them for community use. 

Chapter 4, Integrating Your Favorite Frameworks, guides the readers to use Angular.js and React.js with MeteorJS. MeteorJS has its own view layer managed by Blaze. However, many developers want to use their favorite frontend framework instead of Blaze. How powerfully d3.js can be used with MeteorJS is demonstrated with examples in this chapter. 

Chapter 5, Captivating Your Users with Animation, shows how animations improve the user experience to a great extent. With all the in-built reactivity of MeteorJS views, many developers struggle to find ways to incorporate animations. This chapter walks you through creating soothing animations with a lot of examples. 

Chapter 6, Reactive Systems and REST-Based Systems, helps us understand the reactivity of MeteorJS to its depths and the precautions needed to handle reactivity. Also, this chapter discusses how to use MeteorJS as a REST-based system for consuming API. 

Chapter 7, Deploying and Scaling MeteorJS Applications, teaches you to deploy, monitor, and scale MeteorJS applications, as MeteorJS is not so familiar in terms of deployment. 

Chapter 8, Mobile Application Development, helps you understand that one of the most important features of MeteorJS is to write once and build for multiple platforms. Developers can write code that can be ported as a mobile application in MeteorJS. This chapter will guide you to develop an app for a mobile using MeteorJS. 

Chapter 9, Best Practices, Patterns, and SEO, discusses various best practices to design, develop, and maintain MeteorJS applications, and also the best patterns to follow in order to organize the code and structure modules. This chapter also guides you to make the application search engine friendly to improve the sites ranking. With this chapter, readers will get to know where to find anything related to MeteorJS. 

Author: Jebin B V

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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

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